Death toll increases after car bomb in Somalia capital Mogadishu .

More than ten individuals have died after a car bomb in Somalia shopping mall exploded. The explosion took place this morning at the busy Hamarweyne district.

Al Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the car bomb in Somalia, saying it carried out the attack on a fortified area of the city, targeting security personnel, local government staff and civil servants.

The incident has also brought more fear to resident living in the area. Especially as Al Shabaab’s militants has been causing havoc in the area.

Police officer Ahmed Moalin Ali said “The blast occurred close to Mogadishu mall and it has caused death and destruction. Eleven civilians were confirmed dead and several others are seriously injured.” As the rescue continues the death toll is expected to increase.

According to report from the police, the terrorist packed the loaded car with explosives in the vicinity of the mall.

The blast took down a building as resident struggled for safety.

Meanwhile, Al Shabaab’s militants are trying to remove the Western-backed central government and establish its own rule based on its strict interpretation of sharia law.

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