Nigeria celebrates 58 years of Independence.

Today is Nigeria independence day, here is a brief history of the country.

Nigeria is a country in West Africa with 36 states with over 450 ethnic groups with Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba being the major tribes. Nigeria independence was gotten on October 1st, 1960.

Flora Louise Shaw  a British journalist and writer who  later became the wife of lord Lugard came up with the name Nigeria in the 19th century, 1987 to be precise. The origin of the name lies within the Niger river running through the country.

Nigeria is a country with diverse cultures, and each culture with its own unique characteristics. Cultural beliefs and tradition were governing the people, until its colonisation by Britain. Also known as the Giant of Africa , it is the largest economy in Africa and also the most populous nation in the continent.

Nigeria celebrates its 58 years of independence today with the president giving an official speech to commence the Independence day celebration, also with a flag raising ceremony. The celebration promotes national integration in the country.

Interesting facts about Nigeria

  • The walls of Benin are the second largest man-made structure after the great wall of china.
  • Nigeria also has one of the oldest location of human existence.
  • It posses the most suitable habitat of the largest diversity of butterflies
  • Nigeria also ranks the 12th largest producers of crude oil and exporters in the world.
  • The third mainland bridge in Lagos is the longest bridge in Africa.



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