Calls for completion of tarmac road continues as pregnant mother lack access to healthcare facilities

Construction of Tarmac road in Tanzania is taking to long to complete. Meanwhile, this has made residents and NGOs to raise concern about the state of the road. Such organisation like Maternity Africa have ask Arusha Regional commissioner to push for the completion of the project.

Maternity Africa officer in charge Dr Francis Mollel said that the bad road is affect pregnant women. According to him, it is making women to suffer from obstetric fistula plus also preventing pregnant women from getting medical treatment.

The doctor said it is endangering the lives of the children as well as the mother. This is due to the fact that most mothers find it difficult to access health service as the road leading to the hospital is very bad.

Dr Francis Mollel further stated that the hospital receives patients from more than five district council in the region. In response, Arusha Regional commissioner Mrisho Gambo assure the hospital that they will liaise with the contractor.

Arusha Regional commissioner Mrisho Gambo said ”We all know how important this medical facilities is to Arusha communities. He also said that the Region is looking to explore ways of upgrading part of the road network.”

Meanwhile, Maternity Africa plans to improve the maternal health outcomes for vulnerable women living in the poverty across rural Tanzania. The healthcare facility has some far gain improvement since its opened in June of last year. The facility works in collaboration with the government and non governmental organisation to provide free quality maternity health service in the region.

Maternity Africa also advocate for woman’s health and well being plus 150 women are to undergo fistula operation this year.  This is part of the healthcare plans to help reduce the number of fistula problem in the region.


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