Emirates Airline plans operation in some african countries after experiencing revenue increase.

Plans are in motion by Emirates Airline to increase its frequencies to some destinations  in Africa. This plans include some Africa countries like Morocco, Ghana, Senegal, Egypt and South Africa. The aim is to make Emirates grow their brand in the Africa market.

Senior Vice President of commercial operations in Africa for Emirate, Orhan Abbas said Africa country is one of the strong performing market for the carrier over the past two year. Likewise, challenge been face.

According to Abbas, cargo performance to and fro Africa have been made better; particularly in terms of demand for perishable goods from the continent.

He further said that Africa have a lot of “under-served” markets, partly because of regulatory restrictions in certain countries. But did not specify which countries he was referring to.

In March 31, 2019, Emirates Airline earn about 9 percent rise year on year in revenues. This was from their operations during a to and fro movement in Africa. While, the second largest growing markets in terms of revenues in Africa were the Americas at 8 percent along with Europe at about 6 per cent.

Emirates currently has flights in over 20 countries in Africa. They have seen significant growth specifically in Egypt, Morocco, South Africa and Nigeria. Most essential, Egypt where the economy is booming and the more potential you see. This is Emirates strongest market in Africa, said Abba.

Lastly, He said, while the plans to add frequencies to some cities in Africa. The airline is not planning to immediately enter any new destinations.

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