Female contractors in Liberia asking to be prioritize especially during contract bidding.

Female contractors in Liberia are seeking for more space in the construction industry. They are calling for major stakeholders in the nation to prioritize them because they feel left behind.

The women under the banner, Female Contractors of Liberia (FCL), said they are behind the scene. Meanwhile their male counterparts dominate the construction sector for a very long time. The FCL body is under the  All Liberians Construction Contractors (ALCC) and feel they deserve to be in the running for contracts.

Treasurer of the ALCC, Ms. Kimberly Kpan Toure feels the women are not recognise in the construction sector. She also said that ALCC is for both gender and women should have a say on this issue.

Ms. Kimberly Kpan Toure who is also the CEO of Tumarsi Construction Company said females, who are member of the ALCC, have been going through a number of training in the areas of contracts management. She also praise GIZ and GFA, all of Germany, for their support in the training of female contractors.

Meanwhile, she has also urge male heads of companies to entrust women in top positions especially in the construction areas. She said this will help them to understand more about the sector. Furthermore, some GIZ-trained female contractors has call for networking among women in the sector.

CEO of  Tabitha Renaissance Engineering and Design Incorporated (TREED) Madam Ruth Coker-Collins said “We want people know that we exist, in spite of all the challenges in the sector. She also said Let the vendors understand that we can still perform and we want them have some considerations to feel for female contractors and give us contracts.”

She also called on the Public Procurement and Concession Commission (PPCC) to consider female contractors during any bidding process for a contract.


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