President Barrow inaugurate road project which has been bad due to the absent of a proper drainage system in Gambia.

The Laminkoto-Pasamass road project has officially been inaugurated by President Adama Barrow. The road which has been bad due to the absence of a proper drainage system is set for construction.

Speaking during the inauguration, President Barrow said the road project extends for 121 kilometres. That it will fulfilled the goal of completing the Gambia’s North Bank road to its minimum standard.

According to President Barrow, the issue of drainage system was one of the key factors considered during the project design process and 120 convergent drainages have been constructed to ensure both the main and access roads get proper movement of water from road structure.

President Barrow also said the road will stimulate the provision of better and effective public service delivery including agricultural extension. That this will encourage production which is critical to Gambia’s food self-sufficiency; that in summary, the road project provides a viable pathway to the economic and social progress of the country.

The 121 kilometres stretch of highway links Wulli East, West and Sandu in URR North to the CRR North Districts of Sami and Niani.

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