Q3 company limited to construct the Anomabe sea wall defense in four years.

The construction of the 5 kilometer defense wall to prevent the destruction around the coastal areas of Anomabe. The sea has destroyed several houses in Mfantseman district with other countries at risk.

Q3 company limited a Ghanaian company will pilot the project has already graded and cleared the debris around the area. The Anomeba Costal Protection Project is will run for four facial years. They have already brougt on site tractors, excavators and rocks that will be used for the construction.

The work is expected to be  officially commissioned by the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in the coming weeks.

The wall is expected to stretch to Biriwa, Egyaa and Moree as they are also experiencing similar problems. Other coastal protection projects are ongoing along Kafodzidzi to Elmina seafront and Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abirem district.

The Regional Minister assured Q3 Company Limited that the required support and funds will be made available on time to ensure that the project runs smoothly as scheduled. He also pleaded with the company to ensure that the quality of the materials will be up to standard considering the fact that they are willing to complete the project in less than 4 years.

He went further to say that the project will not only prevent loss of property but will also provide direct and indirect employment as well as improve the local economy.

The project director of Q3 said once the project is commissioned;

“hopes to execute the project as fast as practicable to alleviate challenges in the coastal communities”.

The Director went on saying that aside from the machines on site more will be deployed down there to speed up the process of the work. Also the firm is said to have enough human resource to handle this project smoothly.

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