The plans by the ministry of work in Liberia to rehabilitate the road leading to late lawmaker Munah Pelham home road has not gone down well with resident.

Lakpazee Community Residents are unhappy that the Government will choose to ignore the main road in favor of late Pelham home road, saying it is insensitive to the plights of the district’s residents.

Quoting one resident, Marie Kibbie, “That is a pure wickedness! What are they telling us? So, we are not important for them to come and only fix the road leading the late lawmaker’s house and leave the main road that we use on a daily basis.”

Another resident, Joseph Kamara said “Are they telling us that we are not important or why are they keep treating us the way they are treating us.”

Despite the mourning period due to the death of the lawmaker, Lakpazee, Matadi and Fiama communities resident are not happy with this decision from the government.

Why so many bad execution from African leaders?

It is quite unfortunately that leaders will make decision without having that virtual picture of the proposed outcome. Imagine building a road and the beginning or entrance to that road is a total mess. Even a pictorial imagination will clearly show that it is a very bad decision.

Celebrating an icon or somebody that has done well in a particular area is very commendable but it should be done in a proper manner that both residents will see it as a great investment and not just some waste of funds.

The decision has been made but the question is, will the government change the plan with regards repairing only the road leading to the late lawmaker’s home or will the proper thing be done? Which is repairing the entire road network linking both Matadi and Fiama communities.


Source: FrontPageAfrica

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