Ways Egypt can benefit from 5G network

Egypt is set to move into the 5G era with the wait long overdue for consumers and businesses. Individuals are happy as it will provide more user access to smart education and smart transportation. With the aim forged on empowering new user experiences in various industries as well as connecting new industries.

Just imagine visiting the great pyramids of Giza and understanding its rich history through listening to tourist guides on 5G phones; better still a virtual audio guide that enhances this experience further through sophisticated applications with augmented reality. That is quite a sight to behold

This will surely bring technological advances that will attract tourists to the nation, and also change the setting for tourists globally, with a different and improved level of quality.

In the healthcare sector, 5G wireless networks will revolutionize healthcare services by providing more effective and lower-cost medical services. Through wireless communications, smart medical data collection will be more efficient and timely with an inexhaustive access cloud storage. It will also enable robots to communicate with patients and medical staff.

For infrastructure development, the 5G wireless networks will help the government especially as it plans its smart city construction.  It will become the core of smart city evolution, meaning more possibilities for creating a digitalized industry.  5G will provide a reliable and predictable network, enabling industry-centred applications to keep up with differentiated and deterministic requirements for various sectors.

The nation will surely benefits from this new innovation via its journey of digital transformation.

Other African countries need to take a cue from Egypt in growing their economy and infrastructure.

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