UNRA kick-off repair of Kyapa-Kasensero road after resident complained of its poor nature

The Kyapa-Kasensero road repair has kick-off in Kyotera district in Uganda. The road which links  Kasensero town council and the landing site from Kakuuto trading centre in Kyotera district has been in a bad state since August last year. This was after the seasonal rains that rendered it almost impassable.

The repair has been a priority after resident complained about the poor nature. This made Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) to start emergency repairs on the Kyapa-Kasensero road.

UNRA Executive Director Allen Kagina during the inspection said ”We have been hearing about your outcries on this road until we thought it wise to come and make a clear assessment towards finding a lasting solution.”

Over the past couple of days, UNRA has done some fantastic job if you compare with the previous pictures. The road repair will help resident move easy between Kyotera district.

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