Mombasa governor advice President Kenyatta on the SGR second phase construction.

Mombasa governor  Hassan Joho has advice President Kenyatta to stop the SGR second phase construction. According to the governor, the country is already in huge financial debt. Meanwhile the project will cost the nation more than Sh800 billion.

The propose second phase of the SGR will aim to extend the railway line from the capital Nairobi to Kisumu. SGR project so far has also seen Mombasa-Nairobi phase cost Sh 327 billion. Meanwhile the extension to Naivasha will cost Sh150 billion and the Naivasha-Kisumu extension will cost Sh380 billion.

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho said “If it is burdensome, let us stop it for a while, relook at it probably after five years. He also said that leave legacy in a manner that resonates with the current situation of the mwananchi (the ordinary person).”

The crisis facing the country in term of debt is disturbing the nation. Meanwhile, President Kenyatta is looking for a way where China can pay for half of the cost of SGR extension.

Do you feel, the governor was right to advice the President on matter that has to do with Infrastructural development?

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