Mozambique is in the throes of an insurgency by Islamic State-linked militants who attacked the northern Mozambique town of Palma. Pictures of the attack show scenes of absolute carnage and a hectic rescue mission to save survivors who were being hunted down by insurgents [WATCH].

The attack happened close to the multi-billion dollar Mozambique LNG project under development by TOTAL. The Mozambique LNG Project started with the discovery of a vast quantity of natural gas off the coast of northern Mozambique in 2010, leading to a $20 billion Final Investment Decision in 2019.


The recent development might affect project timeline, which had stipulated it was on tract to deliver LNG in 2024. The Government of South Africa is aiding its citizens to leave Mozambique. This will likely be a similar situation for other nationals who are concerned about their security, thereby slowing down activities.


The Project is operated by Total – the world’s second largest LNG player with a leading presence in Africa – which is uniquely qualified to ensure the Mozambique LNG Project helps to meet the world’s increasing demand for sustainable, reliable and cleaner energy sources.

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