Mozambique set to construct another airport that will help increase the charter flight in gaza.

The construction of the airport which will be in the southern province of Gaza. According to  the President, the technicians have already made the measurements and tested the soil. Tenders for the project has already been launch in china and the company that wins the tender will begin the construction works this year.

The Airport will be construct in Chonguene which is a few miles from the province capital. The runway which is 1600m long will cost about US $50m meanwhile, China has pledge to provide US $15m. The fund for the project is a welcome development but it is still less than the required cost.

Mozambique currently have one international airport which is unuse at the moment, However it needs help. The construction of the airport in gaza will depend on charter flight which will help bring tourism. The tourist will benefit from the beaches and wildlife parks for its viability.

The project will also include a new rail link from Chibuto to Chokwe, where it will meet the Limpopo Line that runs between Zimbabwe and Maputo.


For more information, go through the following article on GambetaNews.

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