Nigeria plans to increase export through Air cargo transportation: Airfreight Stakeholders Forum

Nigeria is a nation having Oil as its main revenue generation sector but recently, the nation is looking forward to moving away from oil dependency. This has led to the establishment of new sectors to help diversify the nation’s economy. One of these sectors is the Air Freight sector.

The Air cargo transportation is one area, the nation is trying to invest in. This has made them to establish the Airfreight Stakeholders Forum which will help provide a platform for addressing different challenges especially those related to the export of goods by Air. As there have also been numerous complaints from international traders about; the cost and unsatisfactory quality of services rendered by the airfreight sector.

Solving Airfreight Challenges

Airfreight Stakeholders Forum (ASF) was formed in 2004 after the Nigerian Shippers Council (NSC) met with the aim of addressing the complaints. The ASF serves as a platform to bring all the actors in the industry together. It will also enable them to foster collaboration, cooperation and dialogue for the development and growth of the industry.

Meanwhile, ASF plans to promote fair trade practices, address impediments and bottlenecks inhibiting free flow of cargo. It also plans to entertain and resolve complaints as well as promote amicable resolution of conflicts among all stakeholder.

The forum includes Ministries, Agencies and the Organized Private Sector operators in the Air Freight sector. This sectors are Federal Ministry of Transportation, NCAA, FAAN, NCS, NAFDAC, NDLEA, NEPC, ANLCA, NAFFAC etc.

The ASF holds quarterly meetings where the NSC serve as member and secretariat. The secretariat helps to monitor cargo terminals at all airports to encourage improved delivery service to customers.

Yesterday the Port- Harcourt branch which was inaugrated in June 2018 elected a chairman to help drive the forum.  In attendance were also some of the biggest leaders in the sector.


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