The ongoing Lagos-Ibadan Rail Construction is reaching completion. Twitter user,  shared these photos with the caption “If this is not #TheNextLevel, then tell me what it is. Ongoing Lagos/Ibadan rail Construction. #FeBuhari

 About the Project

The US $1.5 Billion standard gauge rail project from Lagos to Ibadan is currently in the final stages of construction. Stretching over 154 kilometers, the tracks require the construction of 81 bridges, 207 culverts and 708 32-meter beams. The project is indeed massive, and requires the skillset of professionals! Hence, the reason why China Civil Engineering Construction Company CCECC is the main contractor. We cannot also ignore the fact that the project is being financed by China. More debts to pay off, I suppose. 🙂

The interesting fact; this is just the first phase of the whole project package.  In the not so distant future, the trains will convey humans and goods from Lagos – Ibadan – Ilorin – Minna – FCT – Kaduna – Kano. This will boost trade in the country and enable farmers in the Northern states to easily access the Sea ports in Lagos. See photos below.


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