Construction of State of the Art International Bus Terminal set to kick-off in Malawi.

Malawi’s capital is set to have a new state of the Art international bus terminal. This bus terminal will help reduce traffic congestion as well as make movement into the city very easy. The project will also help make the city to compete with other African city as it will be its first International bus terminal.

The plan was disclose by the General Manager of China Lilongwe Grand Holding Corporation Limited. Meanwhile, the firm is currently construction the Grand Business Park Project which is worth US$100 million.

General Manager for the firm, Gaoqiang Wu said ” As long as the government can provide us with a land space then the project will kick-off. He also said that the project will kick-off immediately the Grand Business Park project is over.”

According to him, the firm is looking for ways to be at the forefront toward developing Malawi. He also said they will help in complementing government’s effort in bridging the unemployment gap that exist in the country.

Mayor of Lilongwe City Council, Desmond Bikoko said “The news is exciting because apart from job creation, it will also increase revenue. He also said it will change the face of the capital city in regards to structural development.”

Meanwhile, the company has registered remarkable progress with the construction of Grand Business Park Project. The  progress has witness the  completion of a shopping complex and a modern office building in its first stage.

The construction of the Grand Business Park Project will be one of the biggest park in Southern Africa. It will also have full coverage of  Wifi, 24 hours security monitoring system and will be powered by a solar energy.

Meanwhile, in a Bid to further strengthen their relationship, officials from China Shanxi Province will be in Malawi from december 2018 to february 2019. This will enable them sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Lilongwe City Council. This MoU will make them want to invest more funds into the development of Malawi.


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