Mati road completed after 20 years under construction in Kenya

The nature of poor planning whenever it comes to infrastructural development needs to be changed. Leaders and decision makers in African countries needs to change their mindset when it comes to developing a nation. It still baffled me how a project will take more than two (2) decade to complete. That is very shocking!!!

This kind of project was witness after the Mati road was completed some two (2) decade ago after it was originally awarded. The 103-kilometre stretch, known as the Ena-Ishiara-Chiakariga-Mituguu-Meru road, was aimed at expanding the region but had a long wait to fulfil its potential.

One of the challenges that faced the project was the idea to tarmac the Mati road which was conceived by the National Assembly in 1989. But took almost 30 years to be implemented.

The completed road project will lower transport time by one hour and lessen travel costs from Nairobi to Meru and vice versa. It will also bring more development to the area as new high-end hotels, petrol stations, and shopping centers have come up along the new road.


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