Mutuelle de santé scheme set to get extra fund from Rwanda government.

Rwanda Government is providing extra funds for community-based health insurance scheme. The scheme which is known as mutuelle de santé, will raised the country’s prospects of attaining universal health insurance coverage.

The fund which is worth US$10million (Rwf10billion) was announced by Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB). Meanwhile, it will also guarantee the stability of the country’s largest insurance scheme with the scheme. This scheme caters for 88% of Rwanda’s 12 million people for their healthcare service needs.

According to RSSB, mutuelle de santé has been facing a funding deficit Rwf14.6 billion every year. However, Director General of RSSB Richard Tusabe said new subsidies are contained in the Prime Minister’s Order, which was published last month.

Tusabe said they are carrying out a study which will inform us about the available financing alternatives because every year the money that we spend on mutuelle de santé increases. This is because the health care services are brought closer to people. According to him, the development will allow us to ensure that people continue to get healthcare and medical service providers get paid on time.


Minister of Health, Dr. Diane Gashumba said “Since community based health insurance was created, sensitisation around early seeking of health services has performed very well. She also said consultations keep increasing in numbers, which is a great thing.”

She said Everyone‘s contribution has be made timely. That they should aim at 100% coverage, pointing out that such an objective was within the country’s reach.

The Government also plans to spend US$6million (Rwf6 billion) on mutuelle de santé every year. This will be through direct budget financing that will be under the new law.


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