Engineers literally provide the nation with public infrastructure —water, sanitation, refuse removal, roads, hospitals, etc.; thus services delivery! Thuli Madonsela’s voice, apart from advocating for a corruption trc, could strengthen the ability to fix the broken public infrastructure system by the establishment of an independent institution, the Office of the Engineer-General (#EngineerGeneral), an institution omitted during the negotiated transition into democracy. There are service delivery protests, litigation by non-profit human rights organisations, reports and non-service delivery to gogo Mochwanaesi! None have been able to put the necessary systems in place to ensure adequate services delivery to those who need it most.


#EgineerGeneral will proactively prevent political and other interference, by ensuring that suitably qualified, experienced, professionally registered engineering practitioners are appointed in technical, engineering posts across all infrastructure departments, municipalities, SoEs. This will ensure that tender processes are run to engineering standards and principles, which will result in minor and major projects being executed to international standards, within time and within budget to the benefit of the most vulnerable.


It is necessary for engineers, especially those in government employ, to be able to do their work in a conducive environment, without interference from legal, financial and/or human resources people, who in fact understand very little about the intricacies of and the wealth of knowledge that engineers apply in infrastructure projects. Only then would value for money and appropriate engineering solutions be the order of the day. Services delivery has to be prioritised! That is why engineers are now activists for reliable, appropriate and quality public infrastructure — South Africans deserve it, The Africa We Want deserve it!


Authors: Godfrey Ramalisa & Marie Ashpole


(Picture by Thuli Madonsela – sourced from her tweet


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