The government of Tanzania has dismissed 36 water authorities to save operating cost.

The water authorities in Tanzania have different sectors, some cover the cost of projects and contribute to investment while others are subsidized with electricity and salaries of permanent staff.

Tanzania scraped the water authorities to reduce the administrative cost which would be implemented on water projects in the rural areas.

“The aim is to reduce operating cost as well as increasing efficiency in ensuring that people have access to water resources,” said prof Mkumbo.

According to the secretary of the Ministry of water Prof Kitilya Mkumbo, the district and township water supply and sanitation institute will now be integrated with the regional authorities to cover up for the ones scrapped.

“In accordance with the mandate that has been given to the Ministry of Water, Prof Makame Mbarawa, and as vested in him by the law, he has extended the coverage of some authorities. The remaining authorities at regional headquarter will now cover district and town in their localities” said Prof Mkumbo.

He also said that 40 other authorities will now operate under the supervision of the Rural Water and Sewerage Authorities (Ruwasa).

Dar es Salaam Water and Sewerage Authorities will now control Kibaha, Bagamoyo, Kisarawe and Mkuranga in the Coast Region.

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