Minister happy with progress of office building construction as part of plans to relocate to the state capital in Dodoma.

Construction of water and irrigation ministry office is moving at a steady pace according to the minister. During his visit, the minister express his excitement about the pace of the project. He was also optimistic that the contractor will meet the deadline of the project.

The project is part of plans for each ministry to have it own office building. This is after Permanent Secretary to the Prime Minister said that all ministries has acquired land to set up its offices. This will also help the ministries to relocate to the all its offices to the capital city.

The relocation order was issue in 2017 to all ministries with so far 16 of the 19 already moved. Meanwhile, the directive was an executive order from President John Magufuli as part of plans. This plans was to have all government parastatal in one place.

Minister of Water and Irrigation, Prof Makame Mbarawa said ” I am satisfy with the progress of the construction of our ministry office. He also said urge the contractors to work 24 hours after the delay in commencing the project.”

Meanwhile, he also promise the contractor that they will not be owe any money as the project is under construction. He said that he should be inform at every stage of the construction of the offices.

During his tour, he also ask the Dodoma Urban Water Supply and Sewage Authority (Duwasa) to set up a water supply network. According to him, this will help to supply water with a capacity of 2.5 million litres per day. This will also help benefit villagers that are close to the capital city.


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