Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) Limited – a subsidiary of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has a requirement for the Commercialization of its 6Nos Non-Oil and Gas Assets all located in Warri, Delta State. The objective is to unlock huge revenue potentials of the Asset. NPDC hereby, invites interested reputable and competent Investors for an opportunity of a Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement in any of the 6 under-listed Assets.



The proposed scope(s) for the six (6) assets are as listed below, but not limited to the work items.


Commercialization of Edjeba Central Power Plant (CPP).

The Central Power Plant (CPP), Edjeba constructed on an approximate land area of 23,330 square meters (2.333 hectares) is Currently operational with an installed power generating capacity of 9.6MW from 4Nos Ruston Gas Turbines Units. The current capacity utilized is not more than 4.5MW. The Edjeba estate, Ogunu Residential, Ogunu Industrial Areas and the Idugboe estate are the primary beneficiary of the power generated from the plant. The Plant distribution network is designed to supply power to customers via substations located at; 1. Edjeba Estate. 2. Main Office Area (MOA), opposite FGC, Warri. 3. OML-34 Residential Area Ogunu and SPDC Industrial Area Ogunu. 4. Ogunu Golf club and resort.


Commercialization of Edjeba Central Sewage Treatment Plant (CSTP).

The Central Sewage Treatment Plant (CSTP) is a twin Compact C-3000 Model plant located within the OML-34 Edjeba Estate. Commissioned in 1982 to treat sewage generated from Edjeba, Main Office Area, Residential and Industrial areas of Ogunu. An upgrade of the plant was carried out in 2002 which increased the plant capacity to 987.16m3/day thereby enabling it to handle sewage generated from all external Land locations during SPDC West operations. Designed Plant Capacity is 987.16m3/day. However, the average volume of sewage generated within Edjeba daily is approximately 299.10m3.


Commercialization of the Ogunu Hospital.

The Ogunu Hospital is a well-equipped 50 bed, Health Care Facility covering a total land area of 19,135 square meters (1.9135 hectares). The Medical Facility complex comprises of: Out Patients Department (OPD), Administrative, Pharmacy, Office Block, Consulting Block, General Ward, the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), a New General Ward, Children and Maternity Ward, Environmental Health, Laboratory Block, Theatre/CSSD with other appurtenant structures. The hospital was accredited by the Council of Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa (COHSASA) in 2010 and re-accredited in 2012. However, the Hospital was Decommissioned since June 2013.


Commercialization of the Ogunu Golf Course and Resort, Warri (OGRW).

The Ogunu Golf Course and Resort (Formally Shell Golf Club, Ogunu), an 18- Hole Golf Course, with a well-furnished club house, a standard size swimming pool, a squash, lawn tennis courts, a fitness centre etc. all occupying approximately 333,438 square meters (33.3438 hectares) of land area. The club has about 300 members from the retired and serving personnel as well as from the community.


Commercialization of Main Office Area (MOA).

The MOA is a large complex building comprising of a 7-office blocks of various sizes with other auxiliary structures. The MOA has a total land area of approximately 147,691m2 located at the south west of Warri, housing many other notable government and commercial establishments such as the Seaport, Federal Government college, Banks, etc.


Commercialization of the Warri Ramp.

The Warri Ramp is a well-landscaped Ultra-Modern Club/Recreational Event Facility with a notable Olympic-Sized Swimming Pool, Main Club House/Event Hall, and existing ancillary facilities amidst luxurious garden and occupying approximately 26,863.2 square meters (2.6863 hectares) of land area.


Deadline: 15:00 hours on Wednesday, January 20, 2021. 




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