ULDA organise a seminar on self-employment skills in the building and construction industry in Nigeria

We know that Infrastructure is key for any development, but it is important that the youth are in the forefront. This is why the Universal Learn Direct Academy (ULDA) is looking for ways to empower the youth in Nigeria.

The limited liability company is looking to empower youth towards solving the endemic housing and infrastructural problems in Nigeria. Meanwhile, youth development and empowerment is a vital stage in life because it makes them have a more fulfilling life.

In a bid to solve this problem, ULDA organise a seminar on self-employment skills in the building and construction industry. This seminar had talks about Study Gap Industry Preparedness, Emigration Backup Plan, Self-employment MSME Skills and Trading Opportunities for Women in the Construction Industry.

ULDA Visioner, Gbola Oba said “The best way to solve Nigeria’s problems is to empower the youths. He also said They need to create values by connecting their skills to their passion.”

According to him, that there is no reason for them to fail. He said that if they eventually leave the shore of Nigeria, that they must be equipped to justify their stay abroad.

ULDA aims to empower youth that will help in curbing the menace of poor quality infrastructure and undignified housing in Nigeria. It will also engage people outside the construction industry. Individuals like who are entrepreneurial with passion that will help us solve the sustainable problems are also involve.

The visioner said apart from creating employment, that the academia trains social entrepreneurs who will be problem solvers. He said it will focus on the opportunities that will help the building and construction industry.

The events was a greats success as different speakers talk about how they can best grow the nation infrastructure.


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