The latest report of Vaal dam shows an increase for two consecutive weeks in South Africa. This increase in levels for the second consecutive week, signalling that the recent heavy showers are steadily replenishing the dam after a long-running period of decline.

According to the Department of Water and Sanitation, the dam has significantly risen to 35.7% from last week 30.2%. That if the present rise in the levels of the dam is anything to go by, the dam will be in a reasonably stable position and even surpass the levels of last year during the same time when it stood at 43.7%.

So far, the increase provides an interval of relief given the strategic significance of the Vaal Dam, which supplies water to the populous and economic heartbeat of the country, the Gauteng province.

Meanwhile, another dam that has seen a surge this week is the Grootdraai Dam, which is becoming healthier with each passing week. With its levels soaring steadily, as the dam rose from 76.4% last week to 83.5% this week.

The department is pleased with the Integrated Vaal River System (IVRS), as the dams has recorded an uptick this week as it rose from 54.9% last week to 56.8% this week. With the system now slowly inching towards the 57.5% it recorded during the same week last year.


Source: SA News


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