World Bank has Approved US$750 Million to Kenya Government Reforms in order to achieve their Vision 2030 objective

The World Bank Board of Directors has approved US$750 million to Kenya Government today. This follows the request from  the Kenya Government two days ago. The Fund will aim at development different infrastructure in the country.

The fund serve as a support to the Kenya’s Government reforms that will enhance inclusive growth, reduces poverty. As well as, achieving its vision 2030 objective to meet the need of it country.

Meanwhile, the operation lends is to support the government’s “Big Four” agenda. Which are agriculture, affordable housing, universal health coverage and manufacturing.

The operation will creates support for essential reforms in the country. The reform will help the Kenyan farmers in terms of productivity and income, advancement of digitization, improve revenue mobilization and many more. Furthermore, the operation will also support in fighting corruption, liberalizing market and enhancing inclusive growth in the country.

Over the past decade, Kenya is one of the fastest growing economies in Sub Saharah Africa. However, growth can’t be sustainable without reduction in poverty and this require critical reform.

The World Bank Country Director for Kenya, Felipe Jaramillo said “Measures supported by this operation are expected to benefit ordinary Kenyans. This is through better targeting of agricultural subsidies to reach low income farmers who engage in fraudulent procurement practices, increasing availability of affordable housing, and improving revenue mobilization.”

The World Bank Task Team Leader, Allen Dennis said ”The policy and institutional reforms will help improve the standard of living of ordinary Kenyans. He further said that the policy reforms will support to improving good governance.”

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