ZANZIBAR Contractors Registration Board (ZCRB) is looking at the possibility of removing dormant contractors over failure to adhere to industry regulations, including payment of annual fees.

The body which regulates contractors in Tanzania said they plan to remove major contractors that has refuse to paid their subscription fees for years.

Speaking to the media, ZCRB Assistant Registrar Engineer, Omar Fakih said ZCRB registry has over 280 contractors, with 230 and 50, both local and foreign, respectively.

Quoting Fakih, “We had been lenient because we know the business difficulties they are going through, but we have to observe the regulations as well.”

He also noted that the board  is contemplating introducing threshold on the value of projects that foreign contractors should qualify to execute.

This threshold will enable the  body to push for the procurement entities to give priority to local companies in the procuring processes.


Source: Daily News


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