Plans are in motion to blacklist some contracted companies performing substandard work under the ongoing Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme (ERRP)Phase 2. This is due to the poor state of some recently completed road in the cities.

The ERRP phase 2 is to catch up on years of poor maintenance and in some case rebuild roads that were not built properly in the first phase. It is also aimed at harnessing the potential of the transport system in promoting economic growth.

Speaking during an inspection tour, Transport and Infrastructural Development minister Felix Mhona made the statement. According to him, “We are going to blacklist all the companies that are not doing work as desired by the second republic.”

Local companies has been engaged to carry out such task as it is reported that more than US100 million has been spent so far on the emergency programme. The focus of the programme is to repair some 26000km of the road network and reconstructing storm water drains, which are critical in ensuring that roads are not damaged when heavy rain falls.

The ERRP phase 2 project is a very good idea as some of the road are so damaged beyond repair due to lack of maintenance in the past years. As some of this roads had to be rebuilt as they were originally designed as low-use suburban roads before the new development saw them convert it into a major highway.


SOURCE: The Herald

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