President Mnangagwa launch road rehabilitation under Japan US$21 million infrastructural development grants.

President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa has launch the north-south corridor road rehabilitation. The road rehab will fall under the US$21 million grants from the Japanese Government. This grant will help support the Japanese engineers and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development.

Speaking during the ceremony, President Mnangagwa said the  development was part of Government’s thrust to develop robust and modern infrastructure. It will aim to see at least five major road projects being supported every year in each province.Image result for NORTH-SOUTH CORRIDOR ROAD REHABILITATION

President Mnangagwa said “The implementation of this project is indeed of strategic importance as it will enable the smooth and unimpeded flow of traffic, people and goods along the North-South Corridor.”


The project is of great importance as it will cover the most treacherous terrain leading to Mana Pools National Park turn-off. Meanwhile, the scope of works includes constructing a 70-metre wide road (35 metres on each side) and climbing lanes. This will ensure faster moving vehicles are able to pass heavy trucks.

The road will also enhance linkages among Sadc, Comesa and East African states. As the construction of ancillary road structures such as safety barriers, road markings, increased curve radius will help for easier navigation.

President Mnangagwa are urge local and international investors to partner Government towards the modernisation of road network. This will be through Build-Operate-and-Transfer and Build-Operate-and-Own models, among others available.

Japanese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Toshiyuki Iwado said “Zimbabwe is making considerable efforts to transform from being a landlocked country to being a land-linked country. That Japan fully supports Zimbabwe’s efforts to become more land-linked.”

According to Iwado, land-linked promotes the economic activities of the country and increases its economic potential.


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