Zimbabwe Government set funds for massive infrastructural development in 2018.

The Fund is to improve the infrastructural development in the country like rail, road and air projects which will help to improve and rehabilitate the country’s transport network infrastructure to enhance their efficiency.

The project is funded through fiscal resources and will be expected to rehabilitate and expand rail, road and air projects in 2018 after a budget for it was submitted by the Finance and Economic Planning Minister Patrick Chinamasa.

Finance and Economic Planning Minister, Patrick Chinamasa,”Given the critical role of transport infrastructure in the socio-economic development of the country, investments in transport infrastructure will be prioritised in 2018, targeting road, rail and aviation,”

According to him, “Due to the state of our roads, $89,6 million and the Road Fund will target improvement in road network and it will be through restoration and upgrading of damaged sections and bridges, dualisation of Harare-Beitbridge and critical sections of the network and capacitation of Road Authorities.”

The targeted scope of work include the expansion of terminal building, rehabilitation of the runway, construction of aerobridges and radar system.



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